This Colacao Campaign Celebrates Diversity

In order to fight against bullying and promote diversity, ColaCao Honduras WhatsApp Number List presente a new communication campaign based on the creative idea: “Repeat with me: I am unique”. The popular brand of the family company Idilia Foods wants to help children celebrate. Uniqueness and their worth , empowering them and trying to encourage them to believe in themselves. This is the purpose behind the ‘Repeat with me’ campaign , starring real minors and their families. The fathers and mothers of the spot, who speak with them in a natural way. Honduras WhatsApp Number List use the phrase. The little ones become aware of what makes them unique.

Encourages Children

Likewise, the campaign tries to promote Honduras WhatsApp Number List values ​​such as respect for others. Mobilization against bullying in schools, helping to raise social awareness against bullying. “ColaCao has always been a social brand, with values ​​and closely linked to children. With a product whose main virtue is its difference. “Repeat Honduras WhatsApp Number List With Me” develop ColaCao’s creative agency, BBDOProximity . The main piece is a 60” film support  a 30” version.


Colacao Foundation in the Fight Against Bullying

It has been produc Pueblo Films and will Honduras WhatsApp Number List  present on television. To make its social purpose a reality, ColaCao has created a foundation whose main objective is the fight against bullying . It will develop actions in the field of education, research.  Noteworthy among these actions is the recent premiere of the documentary ‘Somos Únicxs: las caras del bullying’ promote. The ColaCao Foundation and the Higher Sports Council, and produced by Atresmedia. This Honduras WhatsApp Number List film shows the story of well-known personalities from the world of sports such.

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