This Blunt Message From Women’s Aid

Love is not about controlling the other or isolating him Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List from his environment. Nor in telling him what he has to do or where he has to go. It seems easy to understand, but the reality is that many women suffer abuse from their partners. This is the message that the Women’s Aid organization want to convey. Taking advantage of Valentine’s Day through its ‘Love is Not’ campaign . This motto plays with the concept of the 60’s ‘Love is’ and aims to turn the concept of “romantic love” on its head, warning of the Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List dangers of coercive control. Thus, the objective devised by the Engine Creative agency was to tell people.

A spin on the iconic

To do so, the iconic vignettes originally drawn by New Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List Zealander Kim Grove in the 1960s. Which have their origin in a series of love notes that Grove drew for her future husband, Roberto Casali. The illustrations, which will exhibit in prominent places in the US this February 14, reflect different control behaviors in couples that can go unnoticed. For example, the isolation of close circles, surveillance through social networks or expressions such as “without you, I will die”. Farah Nazeer, Executive Director of Women’s Aid , said: “I want to make money

Valentine’s Day Stands Up to

This campaign helps spread the vital message that many Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List . Behaviors commonly perceived as romantic , such as jealousy, the demand for constant contact and someone wanting you for themselves. They are actually dangerous . ” In this sense, he pointed out that ” domestic abuse is not only physical ” and that “the aggressors use control behavior to make the person dependent , isolating them from support, exploiting them, depriving them of their independence and regulating their daily behavior”. Furthermore, “coercive control creates invisible chains and a sense of fear that permeates all elements of a survivor’s life,” she said, adding that Women’s Aid will challenge this abuse.  Engine Creative Creative Director Christopher Ringsell said: “These playful yet forceful performances illustrate what love is not.

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