This action challenges vegans

January is the month of sales, of New Year’s resolutions and Kenya WhatsApp Number List also of the slope. But apart from all this, it is also starting to be known for Veganuary , a challenge that dares carnivores to try veganism during this period. It was born from the hand of the charity of the same name and, little by little, it has been extended to brands such as Oumph! . The Stockholm-based Swedish company is reaching more and more people, and now it wants to encourage more people to give its vegan products a chance. The campaign encourages vegans to adopt a Kenya WhatsApp Number List carnivore to ensure that in January they dare to try vegan food or, as in this case, the one offered by Oumph!.

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” Adopt a carnivore ” is base on the fact that all purposes and Kenya WhatsApp Number List. Results when they are do in the company of another person. Unity is strength is the idea that led the brand to shape everything else. Operation is easy, as the video accompanying the action explains. The first step is to find the carnivore; the second, to enroll you in the specific web page and, the third, to feed you with Oumph!. “We would like to invite everyone who is curious to try a plant-based diet to do so with enthusiasm and encouragement,

The campaign for Oumph

Rather than demanding or pointing the guilty finger ,” says Henrik Åkerman , Global Brand Lead of Oumph! and Marketing Director of LIVEKINDLY Collective Nordics. “We all know that curious colleague staring at your lunch box, that curious sister but too lazy to try, or that grandmother wondering what the new plant-based diet is all about. Why not adopt them? Or if you prefer, she asks that you adopte », she continues explaining her.

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