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The commercial register that proves that your company is legally constituted. But don’t worry: even if Amazon hasn’t approved your account yet, you can start managing your store now, so you don’t waste time waiting for the resolution. 3. Connect your Amazon and Shopify account Once your account is authorized by Amazon, you need to connect it to your dropshipping store with Shopify . In the left panel of your account you have to select the option “Sales channels”. When you click on the + sign next to it, a popup window will open. The first option that appears in the displayed list will be Amazon. At that time, you just have to click on the “Add channel” option. After that, click on “Connect to Amazon”.

And that’s it: your Amazon account is now connected to Shopify! how to dropship on amazon in 2022 4. Create product listings on Amazon with ease France whatsapp number list To start selling your drop shipping products on Amazon you have to start creating product listings . To do this, you have to click on the Amazon sales channel link (you will find it in the left panel of Shopify, where it says “Create listing”). Then, you have to click on “Select product”. At that time, two options will appear: If you are a manufacturer of the product : you have to buy the UPC codes ( Universal Product Codes ). If you are a reseller of the product : in this case you have to select the option “This product is made by another brand”.

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The product that makes you a seller of that SKU ( reference number required in the inventory files that are sent to Amazon ). When you have located it, select it. The last step is to publish the product so that the process is complete. 5. Have Shopify check that you have inventory To ensure that the product is in stock when a customer places an order on Amazon, you need to ensure that Shopify tracks inventory levels for that product. Failure to do so could result in a customer placing an order on Amazon for which no units are available.

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Thanks to the fact that Shopify is in charge of controlling these product levels, you will avoid this type of incident that gives a very bad image and generates dangerous negative opinions. Some negative opinions that can harm you not only at the level of positioning on Amazon but also from the point of view of sales volume. 6. Start promoting your store on Amazon As with the rest of your digital marketing channels, to generate sales you need to drive traffic to your Amazon store. It is indisputable that the greater the number of visitors, the greater the probability of closing orders .

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you will get many orders. For that, you should optimize the user experience of your Amazon store to the maximum and you should. Also have very persuasive texts that move people to buy. But the truth is that the highest sales volumes are achieve. A lot of traffic. For this reason, you should dedicate your efforts to SEO and SEM , online advertising. Any way to get people to visit your dropshipping store on Amazon (and if those who arrive. So with the desire to buy, then all the better. Amazon dropshipping tools If you want to do drop shipping on Amazon you will need to use one of these tools. Merchant Words. To find out which products are most in demand on Amazon. You should analyze the keywords related to each market niche . Knowing the volume, you can get an idea of ​​the demand.

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