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Therefore, only use Google Signals in combination with Georgia Email List the allow_google signals function . Server-side tagging becomes the default Google pulled a new technology out of beta in September this year, called server-side tagging . This promising feature will Georgia Email List help marketers offload GTM containers on the site. Some of the tags can be move to the server. In addition, server-side tagging helps to become less dependent on third-party cookies. The current situation is as follows:

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Various tags are place via Google Tag Manager Georgia Email List that measure data and send it to different providers. An example: you want to track the sending of a contact form in Universal Analytics. Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn ads. Without server-side tagging, this data has to be sent 4 times from the browser. Illustration of an example situation without Georgia Email List server-side tagging. With server-side tagging it is possible to track information once and forward it to an intermediate station:

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The server-side container. In the server-side Georgia Email List container, the data is translated and forward to the various providers. You can deduplicate many tags on the front of your site with this. This reduces the load of Google Tag Manager on the speed of your website. In our example, with server-side tagging, we only need to send the conversion once from the browser. The server Georgia Email List takes care of the rest. Illustration of an example situation with server-side tagging The server-side container is on its own

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