The Switch From Physical Training

Then you know for sure that you have a Greece Phone Number List sharp image. Use a high resolution for your thumbnails Even though a thumbnail is a thumbnail, make sure you use a high resolution. The reason is that the thumbnail must also be sharp on, for example, a large monitor. Or if your video is shown at full Greece Phone Number List size, a fuzzy, pixelated image won’t exactly draw attention.

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Physical Training to Online

Don’t forget your logo Lots of people make Greece Phone Number List a great thumbnail. But then they forget to put their logo in it. Due to the sheer amount of videos online, your thumbnail should be recognizable as well as appealing. Followers will immediately know that it is your video if they come across it somewhere while scrolling. In any case, logos are highly recommended if you are making a series Greece Phone Number List of videos. If you make several series, you can also choose a different characteristic.

Challenges & Learnings

For example, a certain icon or watermark Greece Phone Number List that belongs to a certain video series. How do you test which video thumbnail works best for your target audience? You now know everything about creating an attractive custom video thumbnail. But how do you know whether the image resonates with your Greece Phone Number List specific target group? In principle, this does not have to be complicated at all: do an A/B test. In other words: create multiple types of thumbnails for one video.

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