The silence of the close circles

According to the UN, one in three women has suffered Israel WhatsApp Number List physical or sexual violence throughout her life.  Since 2003 (when they began to be counted), 1,125 women have been murdered by their partners or ex-partners due to gender violence , a fact that cannot leave anyone indifferent, Israel WhatsApp Number List since sexist violence is a structural problem that affects us. challenges the entire society.

Gender-based Violence

However, the data shows that the family environment Israel WhatsApp Number List hardly goes to the courts or the police. Even more so, when of the 43 cases of murder, in 34 of them there was no previous complaint, either by the victim or by someone close to him (79.1%). For this reason, precisely the title of the campaign, ‘ Accomplices of abuse’, refers to all those Israel WhatsApp Number List people who, even knowing women in a situation of abuse, decide to keep quiet and look the other way, becoming accomplices with their silence.

Sofinco presents a new image hand

“If we aspire to live in an egalitarian society in which no Israel WhatsApp Number List.  Suffers violence or discrimination for the mere fact a woman, it will essential to collectively get involv. The fight against gender-base violence, show our unconditional support to the victims, raise our voice more beyond designated dates, such as 25N and Israel WhatsApp Number List 8M , to show women that they are not alone, that we believe them, that love should not hurt and that violence is never justifi , “state CLV sources.

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