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In addition, there has been a huge growth in support for mobile Physicians Email List content creation from social media recently, with YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels (fully developed for mobile video). As a result, companies will increasingly make in-company videos. Don’t have the latest, best phone? Do not worry. You really don’t need the most expensive, best camera to make good Physicians Email List videos with few resources. I think a good example is the British mobile filmmaker Cassius Rayner , who regularly films with his iPhone 6.

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AI-in video editing Video editing is changing Physicians Email List very fast. A few years ago it was unthinkable to edit your video via web-based tech or an app. Yet it really goes there. Several video editing programs are already doing a few things with AI. Have you heard of RunwayML ? This is a web-based editing program that uses machine learning to make editing a lot faster. The Physicians Email List program recognizes movement, objects and moving people: something that used to take hours, or a greenscreen studio.

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Also Read: Ideal Size, Length & More For Physicians Email List Social Media Videos [Infographic] There has also been a huge development in the field of video apps that make filming and editing with a phone or tablet more convenient and faster. Over the past year, I’ve seen several apps pop up that use AI technology in a video app. The VOCHI app , for example, recognizes people, Physicians Email List so you can use cool filters over and around people. Obviously not as perfect as a professional motion designer would do, but this does promise a lot of cool things for the future!


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