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Think that there is no point in buying from an online dropshipping store. When the order can be placed directly on AliExpress at the same price. However, keep in mind that the information, the SEO positioning of your dropshipping store. The customer service you offer is just as important as the pricing strategy . Our recommendation is that you do not try to compete in the price. Marketing-mix variable , if you are not going to be the cheapest alternative . Also, if you focus on working on strategies such as branding or content marketing to foster a relationship. Of trust with the customer, as well as improving service, price should not be especially important in the case of low-cost products. Below 100 euros—, in which the cost ceases to be a determining factor.

However, it will be convenient for you to check the price of the same product in price comparators and specialized applications so as not to go Cyprus whatsapp number list overboard with an excessive price or not to fall short and lose all the utility or profit margin . How to select suppliers on AliExpress for your free online store in 2022 Since you never see or touch the product—because it is shipped directly to the customer from the dropshipping providers ‘ warehouses— you can often lose control over the customer experience, since you don’t know what’s happening from the time the order is paid.

Product Until the Customer Receives

But if you want to provide top quality service, you need to be very careful when selecting your dropshipping providers . Here are some of the top tips from our Oberlo dropshipping guide on how to select the best suppliers: The lowest price is not always the best option : Sometimes the provider that offers the lowest price does so because they have lowered the quality of their product to make it more competitive. And although when it comes to calculating the sale price of your products it is very convenient to start from a low cost price, perhaps this decrease in quality is not what you want for your online store.

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Also, if you focus on competing only on price, the quality of your ecommerce will most likely drop. Dropshipping price with aliexpress Select only vendors that have more than a 95% positive rating – Reviews from other entrepreneurs. Who have already worked with that vendor are very important. Therefore, pay attention to that detail and simply discard those. Who are below 95% in their rating. dropshipping valuation with aliexpress Stay away from. It is very rare for a luxury brand to sell its products on AliExpress. In fact, if you come across any copyright infringement or counterfeit product for sale on AliExpress. You should report it immediately.

Aspects to Consider Include

Also included here are products that are suspiciously similar in design to those of well-known brands, or that include logos that resemble those of established brands. aliexpress spain online store free Analyze vendor responsiveness – The best way to do this is to make up an urgent problem yourself and see how the vendor reacts. To do this, send him a message about a fictional problem and see how he responds. Aspects to consider include the provider’s response time and their command of the Spanish or English language (depending on the case), as well as their ability to understand your problem and provide you with clear information.

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