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Offered by messaging campaigns? Do you want to know how to develop a good messaging marketing campaign? In this post I will briefly tell you how to get the most out of these new options that marketing offers us. Therefore, Thanks to the knowledge that Raquel Conde and Rocío Bienert , from Telecoming , transmitted to us during the hours of training that we spent with them, I have tried to collect in this post some key aspects to take into account when preparing a marketing campaign through messaging. Importance of messaging After a year as peculiar as 2020,

It is known by all that those who are not capable of adapting to changes are very possibly on their way to disappearing, and in the world of marketing this is no different. User behavior is constantly changing , in January 2021 we can say that more than half of the global Cameroon phone number is already a user of social networks, with 13.2% more users than there were in 2020. Therefore, Companies that want to succeed must learn how to communicate with them. To know how to reach these users, it is important to know how they share information with each other.

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That is of interest to them through private messaging applications: 54% using their accounts on social networks, 48% using SMS and 37% via email. It is clear that messaging is the main channel of communication between users. Therefore, We live in the so-called “age of conversation” in which the user takes an active role and seeks to generate an impact on their favorite brands and not only that their favorite brands generate an impact on them. A clear example of this is, for example, those people who buy new shoes and upload a story to Instagram mentioning the brand and telling how amazing their new shoes are.

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Elements of messaging campaigns After this, I think we are all clear that messaging campaigns are becoming a more valuable option. Both for brands and for users, and one of the most important aspects to take into account when creating one are the elements that we must take into account if we want to develop an effective messaging campaign. Elements of a messaging marketing campaign Source: self made Audience : The people we want to impact. It is especially important to carry out an adequate segmentation to be able to reach. The public that most interests us, and the one that interests us the most. Technology.

Technology Is Constantly Cameroon Phone Number And Changing

In recent years the use of chatbots in this type of campaign stands out. A technology that increasingly offers more possibilities to companies. The world of chatbots is really very interesting, if you want to know more about it I recommend. You read the following article: What is a chatbot. And what does it contribute to your marketing strategy? Offer : It is useless to have a correct audience. And use the best technology if we have nothing to offer our users. There are three types of offer that can be interesting for many companies: promotion. Sampling, freemium and premium models.

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