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of pages that the search engine crawls each day. How to optimize the crawl budget Google determines a budget for our website, so we have to be aware that once said budget is spent, the search engine will stop crawling our website, therefore it will stop indexing content. This makes it very important to know how to optimize the Crawl Budget so as not to waste the allocated budget. improve-web-crawlingSource: Pressidium There are many ways to optimize the crawl budget. In this section we make a compilation of some of the most outstanding: Reduce 301 redirects :

Having a few 301 redirects doesn’t matter. However, abusing redirects will make the bot waste too much time going from URL to URL. In addition, it is worth noting that these redirects have to point to the final URL, in order not to waste the crawl budget. Broken links : it is essential to India phone number that there are no broken links on the web page. These links hurt the user experience and also make it difficult for crawlers to navigate. Keep in mind that if a crawler can’t reach a web page, it won’t be able to index it. Site speed : the speed of the website is essential to improve the budget and it is also essential to rank the web.

If A Web Page Loads Quickly India Phone Number

The bots will crawl the pages much faster. Site speed is key for SEO and improving user experience. Sitemap.xml – The sitemap.xml file is one of the things that crawlers take into account when crawling a website for the first time… don’t neglect it! The most important URLs of your site must be found in it, leaving out those that we want to rank. Robots.txt: In this file we can tell googlebot, or any other crawler, not to enter certain pages. For example, if we have a website where users register, a page will be created that can be something like “/user/username/”.

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In this case, the tracking  URLs are not useful at the positioning level, and there may be a large number of them that harm the tracking, since Google will spend a lot of time tracking them. When should I improve the crawl budget? The Crawl Budget is very important. However, not in all cases it is convenient to spend a lot of time on it. For example: in small web pages, with few URLs, it is not necessary to spend too much time. Since a website with less than 100 URLs  easily by bots (as long as they are well done).

However, A Medium Or Large Web Page  India Phone Number

With thousands of URLs, requires improving and optimizing the crawl budget because Google will not be able to crawl all of them constantly. Therefore, optimizing and improving it is a good way to make it track those that interest us. Now that you know a little more about the Crawl Budget, you will have realized that it is not a direct positioning factor, however, it considerably influences SEO, and working on it and optimizing it, in some cases, leads to great improvements. If you want to know if your website needs to optimize the Crawl Budget, contact us

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