The ‘Multi-Eye Principle’

A PC or laptop is sufficient for a blog article, newsletter, or Yemen Email List SEO campaign. With video marketing, you need more stuff, such as a good camera, microphone, and lighting. Although nowadays you can make great videos with your smartphone with some creativity and perseverance. Sometimes you need a lot of video Yemen Email List equipment. In terms of recording equipment, there is still quite a bit to consider when it comes to video marketing. Of course, you can also just grab your phone and get started.

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Negative Impact on Trust

A disadvantage of video is that you have fewer Yemen Email List opportunities to polish off beauty flaws. This is how you rewrite a crooked sentence in a blog post. In the event of a crackling microphone in a corporate video, the entire recording has to be re-recorded. However, the advantages far outweigh the Yemen Email List disadvantages, concludes Wyzowl in State of Video Marketing 2021. Here’s what marketers are saying about video marketing ROI: 86% get more traffic to the site.

Exchange With Customers

94% say consumers understand their product Yemen Email List or service better. 78% say they sell more thanks to video. 87% say the return on investment of video is positive. 43% say help desk load is reduced thanks to video. Marketers are therefore very pleased with the ROI of video. But how do they measure that? Wyzowl asked about that too. Here’s how surveyed marketers measure video success: 63% of the Yemen Email List surveyed marketers looked at interaction (such as shares, comments, and likes).

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