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You prevent a corporate video from becoming too Philippines Business Email List pompous or losing itself in overly voluminous language. A nice example of how it can work is this video for Yeti. The story here is told in a 19-minute film – that’s long. But you’re still easily won over to what it does with the Yeti brand story at times. Only read comments like: ‘Please continue making these Philippines Business Email List beautiful YETI Presents short films. I can’t describe enough how much inspiration and motivation I get from these stories.

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Thank you for your work. And thank you for your Philippines Business Email List timeless products.’ Damn if these things don’t make me tear up every time. Great testament right there.’ ‘These videos deserve SO MANY more views! The people in these stories are awesome people, living life in a genuine manner. Major high fives to the filming crew creating these short stories too!’ Anecdotes Philippines Business Email List work at every level, in every market and in every field. High-end or low-end, they will differ in content. But they are and will always be events that appeal to people precisely because of their conversational character.

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At the level of the Board of Directors there are just Philippines Business Email List as many eye-opening anecdotes as at the shop floor level of coach drivers. In short, anecdotes from the world of nursing, shipbuilding. Architecture, brokerage, stand construction, security, CEOs, foresters, dredgers, stock fillers or fill it in, this gold mine can be found in every sector and in every Philippines Business Email List organization. That inexhaustible source of stories that all have the same added value in common: you don’t make them up.


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