The Last Year Consumption Switzerland Phone Number

Has changed drastically. In 2020, due to the pandemic and the teleworking boom, online media consumption has skyrocketed, especially in mobile format . Therefore, in the same way, the investment by companies in advertising has also increased. In the field of mobile advertising , investment in this sector has increased by 26% compared to the previous year. Advertising Trends in Mobile Marketing Source: Ditrendia If we focus on the channels where CMOs are going to spend the most on advertising in the next 12 months, we can see that Google and Facebook have a duopoly.

The investment in advertising depends on your type of company, that is, not all companies can be directed to the same channel, but everything depends on the sector to which you belong. For example, in the case of online sales, Amazon is interesting , where you can position Switzerland phone number within the platform itself. On the other hand, LinkedIn It would be interesting in the case of B2B businesses, however, their advertising is very expensive and it would only be relevant if you have a very clear brand image.

Another Platform Which Despite Switzerland Phone Number

Not appearing on the chart, has grown a lot in the last year, TIkTok, being the most downloaded app of 2020 (with 850 million downloads) according to the Ditrendia report , ” Discovering the consumer “. Despite the fact that it was initially for a young audience, after the quarantine it has. To diverse audiences, currently reaching a more adult audience, which is why more serious companies such as banks are advertising in this application.

Mobile Marketing Strategies Next, I leave you a series of examples of Mobile Marketing strategies. That Fernando Rivero has explained to us in his talk in the Master of Digital Marketing. Responsive app or website One of the strategies for mobile marketing is to choose. If your company is going to have a responsive web page , that is, one that is visible. And has good usability from the mobile or if it is going to create a mobile application and leave. Its web page intended for desktop use.

This Will Depend On The Purpose Switzerland Phone Number

And objectives of your company, although there are businesses that combine the two strategies. Virtual assistants Another of the strategies that are currently a trend is that of virtual assistants. It is about installing a voice assistant in the app to provide a better service to customers. This makes it easy for customers to have direct information without having to enter the app. Simply by asking a question out loud. new ways to sell Advertising Trends in Mobile Marketing Source:

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