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To take into account, but certainly not the least important, is time. We must plan the duration that our campaign will have, it is also important to adapt the campaign to the time we are living, to the time of year or even to the type of product (seasonal, monthly, fortnightly…) Don’t forget to measure! At this point in the film, we are all more than clear about what KPIs are and their importance, and if anyone needs to remember them a bit, they can do so by reading this entry on KPIs and objectives. It is always important to remember that what is not measured cannot be improved and, in order to measure correctly, it is essential to define the appropriate kpi’s for our objectives.

These kpi’s must adapt to what we are looking for with the campaign, for example, if we are launching a campaign whose purpose is to increase the loyalty of our current customers, an interesting kpi may be the number of users who repeat their purchases on our website. Messaging vs Cayman islands phone numbers networks It is important to note that messaging applications are not the same as social networks, as was shown in this other post . Messaging apps are platforms that, in addition to enabling the exchange of messages, also allow many other actions such as status updates, chatbots, payments, and conversational commerce. Social networks, also known to all,

Are Social Structures Up Of Groups Cayman Islands Phone Numbers

of users who are related in some way. While the vast majority of companies are already present on social networks, not all of them are taking advantage of messaging apps, when we have just seen that these platforms offer endless opportunities when it comes to connecting with our customers. Ok, but… What messaging applications should I choose for my campaign? Surely, when thinking about messaging apps, WhatsApp comes to mind for all of us . However, there are many others, among which I am to mention. Two whose growth in terms of number of users is undeniable: Telegram and Snapchat.

Each one of them has different characteristics and, therefore, the users who use them are not always the same either. When choosing which messaging app we are going to use to implement our campaign, it is very important that we take into account the audience we want to reach. Now it’s your turn, once you have analyzed your target audience, you must be the one to determine which is the most suitable messaging app for your campaign. As always, in marketing there is no magic key that will open all the doors for all of us, each one has to learn from their audience to discover what is the appropriate way to connect with them.

If One Thing Is Clear, It Is That Social Networks Cayman Islands Phone Numbers

are already an essential part of our daily lives. And that is that much more than half of the Spanish population uses them. In the annual study of Social Networks for June 2020, published by the IAB , we see that 66% more of the population has increased their investment in advertising while only 8% has decreased it. Although Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the networks where most is. It is true that there are other platforms with more specific audiences that can help us if that target is our objective Do you think if we see them?

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