The Frankwatching Annual Review

Just like ‘you walk’ and ‘you choose’, the t is dropped in the reverse Sweden Phone Number List order: ‘you walk’, ‘you choose’ and thus also ‘you become’. It is a principle in Dutch spelling : write similar shapes in the same way. You wouldn’t pronounce ‘become’ wrong, but you only write Sweden Phone Number List that t if it also appears with other verbs. So it is not here. Althoug. ‘Do you become’ is more notorious than ‘I become’, because there are exceptions. ‘You’ can also be a direct or indirect object (‘you’: ‘Advertising misleads you’,

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‘This video is offered to you by Ziggo’) or possessive pronoun (‘your’: ‘Tomorrow your grandmother will be ninety’). The main rule that the t disappears when ‘je’ is after the verb, only applies if ‘je’ is the subject of the sentence; there could also have been ‘you’. “If you pass, you will be called on Tuesday morning.” When in doubt, always do the you/you check. Note : ‘you’ does not participate in this rule. So it is ‘will you’ and ‘will you find’ with a t, as you can immediately hear ‘walk you’ and ‘you choose’. 4. He becomes/he becomes Usually it goes well, ‘he becomes’.

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It is not only the main rule (stem + t), but also the most frequent form. It will roll right out of your pen or keyboard. Why does it sometimes go wrong? First, by hypercorrection. Some people seem to suffer from t-fear and too often end verbs in d instead of (also) in t. Tip : if you are insecure, don’t trust your gut, but teach yourself a few basic rules and mnemonics. In the long run, this also helps to counteract that uncertainty. Secondly, the third person singular to which the main rule stam + t applies is not

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