The first step is that you have to make sure that

Hello Gen Z friends, best wishes! In the world of work later, you will definitely need a Curriculum Vitae or CV to apply for a job. Your CV must contain relevant experiences for the position you are applying for in the company. If you want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing, then you must have work experience in the same field. If you don’t have relevant work experience yet, what should you do? Relax, the Digital Marketing course experience is the solution. How to make your Digital Marketing course experience more valuable? Come on, see how!

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Choose a Quality Course
The first step is that you have to make sure that your Digital Marketing course has proven quality. To find out the quality of the Digital Marketing course that you are taking, you must read the testimonials. In addition to testimonials, you also have to ensure the competence of the tutor from the course. You can usually find testimonials and tutor profiles on their website page. You also have to look at the price of the course you choose, because usually a price that is too cheap indicates poor quality.

Make sure you get a certificate
Certificates are the most important thing that you must get when your study period is over. Why so? Because this certificate is proof that you have taken a Digital Marketing course. The company you are applying for will usually ask for your documents, a plus if you submit a certificate containing relevant experience. Remember, your certificate will be worth more if the certificate you get can be used on a national or even international scale. Later, you can use the certificate to apply for large national and multinational R&D Directors Email Lists companies, you know!

Add Course Experience to CV


R&D Directors Email Lists


If you have completed the course and have received a certificate, you can immediately embed your course experience into your CV. There, don’t forget to explain what you have learned during the course in a short, concise, and clear way. Don’t forget to also paste the certificate link in your CV so that recruiters can access the digital form of your certificate. As you already know, you can use course experience as a substitute for work experience if you don’t have it. With this, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have work experience when you want to apply for a job.

Gen Z friends, this is how you make your CV shine even more. However, you must remember that you have to keep your spirit up to keep adding work experience so that the career journey remains smooth. If you are confused about finding a quality course, Campus Digital will be here as a place for you to learn Digital Marketing. What are you waiting for? Come on, register now!


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