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At Fathom you can also track everything, including referrers, utm Senegal WhatsApp Number List campaigns and events . Reports can be sent by email. You can also export the data with .csv. They also have an API , which states that every request counts towards the number of page views per month (so if you make a lot of requests, you may have to switch to a more expensive subscription). You will receive support via email. Fathom is the tool with the best privacy documentation. They do not use cookies, fingerprinting or other techniques. Fathom does handle partial IP addresses. They have a clear processor Senegal WhatsApp Number List  agreement and only use sub-processors based in the EU for personal data of people from the EU/EEA. The company behind Fathom is Canadian, which is an adequate country for commercial exchange of data.

The Biggest Challenge of the Moment

With Piwik Pro you can monitor the number of page Senegal WhatsApp Number List views, sessions, goals, user flows and funnels, among other things. You can export data via .csv, JSON and XML, they also have an API. You can send reports via email, but you can also set up custom alerts. Need help with Piwik PRO? Then you can get ‘support from the community’. With an Enterprise account, you get dedicated technical support and onboarding. Please note that Piwik PRO uses Microsoft Ireland as a sub-processor, as I read in their processor agreement . You can also choose which servers are used, such as in Senegal WhatsApp Number List the Netherlands and Ireland or Germany. Their privacy statement also explains which services and servers they use if you choose the cloud solution. This is partly arranged in Europe, but Microsoft Azure is also use.

Alternatives to Google Analytics

Pay close attention to whether you have a choice Senegal WhatsApp Number List in this. However, according to the privacy statement, they also offer a self-hosted solution. Furthermore, Piwik PRO offers many integrations. The way in which you use and set up Piwik PRO therefore determines whether you comply with the GDPR or not. [Update February 10] We received a response from Piwik PRO with additions to this article. For the cloud solution, paying customers can also opt for the Swedish Elastx, with data centers in the EU/EEA. Piwik PRO also offers anSenegal WhatsApp Number List  ‘on-premise’ version, where you are responsible for the hosting and storage of the data. The data processing agreement we linked to ( https://piwik.pro/core-dpa/ ) is for the free Piwik PRO Core subscription only. This is therefore also the only one that we have been able to read and check. fathom Fathom is the tool of a Canadian company.

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