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Then you can take the next step. As owner or Gambia Email List management, in any case, set a good example. I am convinced that flexible and agile organizations are the organizations of the future. So get start today! No organization will record ‘business as usual’ in 2020. Every company has had to reinvent itself. Healthcare facilities have stepped into the role of hero, restaurants Gambia Email List and airlines are flying to the brink and hardware stores are saving the nation from quarantine boredom. 2020 as a whole is a bloody exciting story.

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While the accountants are counting on the annual Gambia Email List accounts, the people of communication reflect on the story surrounding it. They roll up their sleeves for ‘project annual report’. We sincerely hope that this will be an online annual report and in this article Gambia Email List we share nine things that make an online annual report really good. Inspirational. 1. So online Publish the annual report online.

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It seems so logical to us: it costs no trees, the report is everywhere and always within reach. However, there seems to be a persistent attachment to paper and cardboard, especially in boardrooms. Piles and piles of annual reports are printed every year. And for the ‘necessary’ digital access, the thing is then put somewhere as a PDF on the corporate website. And although we feel the charm of beautiful printed matter, such a bare PDF link as an entrance to the annual report gradually seems a bit old-fashioned and scanty.

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