The Chinese Giant Seeks

In European lands, Amazon is the undisputed king of e-commerce Lithuania WhatsApp Number List and has also made its first steps in physical retail in its most conventional aspect. However, the triumphant march of Jeff Bezos’s company in the old continent could  hinder by a giant from China that seems determined to pup Amazon. We are referring to, which has opened two revolutionary stores in the Netherlands that pride themselves on using robots to prepare and deliver orders. These unique robotic stores, baptized with the name of Ochama and located in the Lithuania WhatsApp Number List cities of Leiden and Rotterdam, constitute’s first foray into Europe in the field of retail and show the company’s ambitions beyond its native China .

Tickle Amazon With Its First Robotic

Through the Ochama app, customers can place Lithuania WhatsApp Number List orders for all kinds of products , from food to cosmetics, through appliances. Next, the consumer must travel to the physical establishments of Ochama, where automated vehicles and robotic arms are in charge of the “picking” tasks and preparation of the orders.Upon arrival at the Ochama stores, the customer scans a barcode in their app and the order they have previously placed is buy to them via a conveyor belt. After conquering China seems determined to become Lithuania WhatsApp Number List strong in Europe too In addition to picking up the orders at the Ochama establishments, the customer can also, if they so wish, have them delivered to their home through a “delivery” service.

Stores in Europe

The emergence of in Europe poses a Lithuania WhatsApp Number List potential threat to the almighty Amazon , which has several checkout-free stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. For now, the Chinese company plans to close the doors on two new establishments in the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, also in the Netherlands. Ochama amalgamates the two great strengths of logistics and e-commerce. In China the company has its own logistics division and intends to expand this internationally as well. In addition, is one of the most prosperous companies in the field of electronic commerce in its small homeland. While most of’s turnover is root in its native China, the company certainly expand Lithuania WhatsApp Number List. Presence in other markets in recent years. The online store Joybuy.  Joint venture in Thailand and is also the majority shareholder of the Vietnamese e-commerce platform Tiki.

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