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That doesn’t work online. In my online training, I give Netherlands Phone Number List each step a number or letter. And ask the participants to write the correct order in the chat. I then get answers like: EBCAD, EACBD and BECAD. During your online training. As with physical training: be there early and leave last. Welcome everyone personally, create a group as much as possible. Ask an opening question in relation Netherlands Phone Number List to the learning objectives of the training, then everyone gets used to speaking and being in the picture.

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Make clear agreements. A few examples: Culture Netherlands Phone Number List of Quiet mute if you have background noise and no chit chat , just ask. Participants do not talk through the knowledge video, but ask questions in the chat beforehand. You don’t talk while doing assignments. When you talk, everyone goes into Netherlands Phone Number List listening mode. Don’t just walk away, let us know in the chat when you’re coming back. Let us know when and how long the breaks are.

Words That Differ Considerably

Practice the technique together: mute and Netherlands Phone Number List unmute, chat, emojis, enter and exit breakout rooms, et cetera. Encouraging interaction after a knowledge module is more difficult online. Don’t ask questions like ‘What do you think?’ or ‘Please give feedback on what you’ve seen’. Frame your questions: Think of three different call-to-actions for this example and post them in the chat. You have five minutes.

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