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It is also known as the ampersand. The ampersand is a ligature Greece B2B List that has its origins in Latin. The Latin ligature et gave birth to the ampersand. Over time, the appearance of the ampersand has evolved. In the first century AD, the ampersand as we know it today began as an ancient Roman cursive script, characterized by the capital letters E and T joined together to Greece B2B List form one letter. Symbol: ampersand Photo source. TJ Arnold on Unsplash Today. The ampersand is writte in different ways.

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A lowercase epsilon over which a vertical line is Greece B2B List draw. An epsilon with a vertical line or dot above and below. A normal plus sign with an extra loop in one corner.  The ampersand is a symbol that you will often encounter in the written language. For example, the ampersand is regularly used in marketing and branding, as it is part of the names of many well-known Greece B2B List brands and even political organizations: H&M C&A Johnson & Johnson Dolce & Gabbana CD&V But be careful: don’t use the ampersand in texts or titles as a standard alternative to the word ‘and’, advises Onzetaal.

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If it is not a fixed combination, it is better to use Greece B2B List and instead of the ampersand. That reads better: This means less maintenance and a longer engine life. The service and maintenance engineer will be on your doorstep within 24 hours. We are a bathroom and kitchen specialist. She deals with recruitment and selection, and advises B & W about personnel and Greece B2B List organisation. Trema (dieresis) The diacritical mark is a diacritical mark. I.e. a sign that is place under or through a letter to indicate the pronunciation.


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