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A very powerful tool that allows you to see all the reviews of your products in the same dashboard . It is especially useful if you have a large selection of Amazon products in your store, but it also allows you to monitor those of the competition. It has a monthly price in the most basic account of $59 per month. dropshipping amazon spain 2022 Sellery. A tool aimed at positioning your products in the Amazon Buy Box (the summary box that appears on the right on product pages and that generates 82% of sales ). It allows you to experiment with the price of your products to help you stay competitive while maximizing your profits and improving your company’s accounting . Plus, they currently allow you to do a free two-week trial.

You can even blacklist “destructive” or toxic customers who only leave negative reviews. The cheapest Feedback Express plan starts at €43 per month per month if you make an annual payment). dropshipping with amazon spain and shopify Finland whatsapp number list Amazon Volume Listing Tools. So that you have all your order and inventory information grouped in spreadsheets. Amazon has created the Amazon Volume Listing Tools service, with which you can also easily modify prices and quantities. Strategies to Sell More Dropshipping Products on Amazon in 2022 If you can’t think of how to sell on Amazon with dropshipping.

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A few tips and marketing strategies that will help you boost your sales and improve your results in this year 2022: Position your products in the Buy Box. As we have already mentioned, the majority of sales on Amazon are generated in the Buy Box. Therefore, this section must be optimized to maximize sales. To do this, you must achieve a high rating as a seller (at least above 95%). In addition, you must send the products very quickly, at the most in two weeks. And finally, your product must be cheaper than the competition (including shipping costs. Amazon dropshipping Don’t just rely on Amazon – you have to keep other channels open.

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This means that it is convenient that you also have your own online store with DSers in operation , in addition to Amazon’s. In fact, having your own store makes your branding stronger. And that helps sell more on Amazon. Get at least a 95% Seller Rating – A good rating will help your products show up in the Buy Box. And it also increases your chances of appearing in organic searches on Amazon. But this is really important because on Amazon buyers only make transactions with the best qualified sellers (since trust is essential in this marketplace. Thanks to that, you will be gaining a competitive advantage over those with lower ratings. Research your niche keywords. We’ve already seen tools like Merchant Words let you know what keywords are being searched for the most on Amazon.

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you can get an idea about the demand for your products. Calculate the appropriate price for your products : When calculating the price of your products, you must take into account factors such as the cost of Amazon fees and your profit margin . If you do not do it correctly, you run the risk that your price will be very high and you will not sell anything; or that it’s so low that you don’t make any money. In addition, the price is also important to appear in the Buy Box. Offer interesting discounts : on Amazon many sales are made through discounts and specific offers. So you have to be clear about your discount policy so that your product is more attractive.

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