The Beginner Experience

Do you also say in the pub that you are characterized by your Namibia Email List sense of humor? I often think: would I also say this on a birthday or in the pub? Usually I quickly come up with a better alternative. ‘Features’ then becomes ‘we are known for’. And you can easily Namibia Email List replace ‘internal’ with ‘in our company’. And if I don’t know? Then websites such as or often give me new ideas. Also read: 6 words you should delete better: final editing tips Also consider.

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Smarter Handling of Direct

Who am I writing this text for ? You don’t have Namibia Email List to explain ‘rainwater infiltration’ to engineers. But in a letter to residents of a residential area it is better to say that you collect rainwater in the ground instead of in the sewer. 8. Beware of Imagery A metaphor, simile or saying can make your text more exciting. Only use them in moderation, because not everyone Namibia Email List immediately knows what you mean. And of course you don’t want the reader not to understand your message.

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Again, check who you are writing for. And for Namibia Email List what purpose and for what means of communication. A good metaphor can be found in the Volkskrant. But not in a package insert for a medicine . 9. Bring structure Have you written a personal, concrete and active text? With short sentences that are logically related? Then it is nice when those sentences are logically connected again. And that you bundle them into different paragraphs with a clear header.

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