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109 million followers on instagram. Her posts have a high level of engagement, with most posts generating over a million likes and countless comments. BeyoncĂ© usually posts photos of herself, and sometimes includes her family as well. She used her famous instagram platform to reveal that she was pregnant with twins with her husband jay z, which made headlines around the world. Taylor swift 11.taylor swifttaylor swift, last year’s number one instagram influencer, recently fell to fifth place this year. She currently has 105 million followers and most of her posts about her music and her concerts, and she also has some fashion related posts. Kim kardashian west kardashian kimberly kardashian west.

However, The american reality tv personality/socialite has also dropped down the rankings recently. She fell from the third rank to number six, currently with 104 million followers. She is the most popular member of the kardas clan Dominican republic whatsapp number list instagram, posting mostly about herself, her family members, and her kkw beauty brand. Kylie jenner 13.kylie jennerkylie jenner. However, The youngest of the kardashian/jenner sisters, is in the seventh position of the top instagram influencers. She currently has 100 million followers. However, Kylie jenner regularly posts about her cosmetic brand kylie cosmetics, and other posts about her, her friends, or her family. The rock/dwayne johnson.

The Rock Former Professional Wrestler

However, Actor and sports and fitness inspiration, the rock (or la roca, to his fans in spanish). Ranks eighth on the list of the top ten instagram influencers. However, With more than 97 million followers, he regularly promotes his upcoming movies or posts pictures related to his personal life. Justin bieber 15.justin bieber with 95 million followers. Canadian pop singer and top instagram influencer justin bieber makes it to the list of top instagram influencers. Justin bieber usually posts photos of himself, his friends, and occasionally political subjects. However, Nicki minaj 16. Nicki minaj hip-hop artist nicki minaj has almost 85 million followers. Which puts her in the 10th position of the top instagram influencers. Her profile mainly consists of posts and photos of her, and a fashion show of her.

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Food and nutrition instagram influencers instagram has empowered food influencers around the world to share their enthusiasm for food and nutrition with their followers. These food and nutrition-based followers range from world-renowned chefs to small cafe owners, or even regular people who are simply inspired to share their dining experience, and as a result gained a following based on their influence. You can find a foodie influencer for every type of taste in food. Here we have compiled some of the top current instagram influencers related to food and nutrition. Jamie oliver 17. Jamie oliver british celebrity chef and multi-chain restaurant owner jamie oliver has over 6.2 million followers on instagram, making him one of the most popular food influencers.

Popular for His Restaurant Chain

However, tv shows, and his cookbooks. His instagram is filled with delicious pictures of food, as well as the occasional personal photo that he adds. Natalie mortimer and holly erickson (the modernproper) 19. The modern proper natalie mortimer and holly erickson are the women behind the modern proper. Currently with over 90 thousand followers, they have gained a lot of popularity after they were finalists of saveur’s best homemade food blog contest in 2016. They have been praised for their modern approach to preparing simple yet delicious meals, which looks very well presented in your instagram posts. Sarah philips (food) 20. However, phillips sarah philips is a food stylist and a top food influencer. She posts photos of food present in the most skillful way.

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