The 6 Most Striking Communication Moments

Information in a row for communication about your Cable, Pay Tv Services Email List decision. For every press, intranet or news item you can easily select exactly those decisions, arguments and comments that are suitable for a specific target group. * You may be wondering why this text can’t be read in 30 seconds. The reason is that this is an article and not a report. The purpose of this Cable, Pay Tv Services Email List article is not to give you information as quickly as possible. But to give you in-depth information on this subject in an amusing way.

Crime Journalist Peter

A subject that arouses your interest, and which Cable, Pay Tv Services Email List makes you willing to spend more time on it. E-mail remains a very important channel for us. The big advantage of e-mail is that you have it under your own management and are not dependent on algorithms, as with social media. Don’t build on someone else’s land . We therefore put a lot of energy into recruiting, retaining and involving subscribers for our newsletters, updates and alerts . Growth this year Cable, Pay Tv Services Email List has been less strong than was usual in.

R. De Vries Passed Away

Previous years. We have a reason for this: we have been actively Cable, Pay Tv Services Email List cleaning up our mailing lists since this spring. Fortunately, there is still a clear growth in the number of active subscribers. Search Traffic from search (and especially Google) is an important channel for us. Due to a Google update, we and several other b2b publishers had to deal with a drop in traffic Cable, Pay Tv Services Email List from search. This just goes to show that you should not be too dependent on one particular channel, because you can be


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