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what we should expect from an agency’s proposal, however, it is also necessary to identify the false promises and the signs that show us that this agency is not going to help us. What’s more, there are signs that rather invite you to flee, and it’s already known… when something seems too good, it’s probably a lie. evaluate-seo 1. They contact you with a spam email… Today spam is a reality. A very annoying but a reality. If by any chance an SEO company contacts you for spam, run away!

This is done by companies or freelancers who, since they cannot be in the first positions of the search engines, cannot get clients organically in Google. That is why they dedicate themselves to sending China phone number of emails in the hope of deceiving some beginner. 2. They offer you instant results Those companies that offer you instant results or excessive guarantees. run away No matter how important that SEO specialist believes himself to be, in this world it is well known that the results can take up to 6 months and we are talking about slight rebounds.

There Are No China Phone Number Formulas

They guarantee a #1 ranking for your main keywords How nice it sounds, right? But… What do you think you do if you that you will rank in a certain position for your keywords? I don’t know what you’ll think, but it sounds weird . Beware of SEOs who claim to have a special relationship with Google and can get your site immediately. You can too because Google has a URL where you can help index your site faster, it’s Google Search Console. No one can guarantee where your keywords will rank .

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It may sound daunting, but it’s the truth. SEO is not about exact science . If your competitor has 100 links, it does not mean that you will be able to beat them if you have 101. Google uses thousands of ranking factors, which makes it impossible to guarantee that you will rank in a certain position. It is logical that you want to appear first for the keywords of your sector, who would not want to be the first? But it is the SEO company that must inform you of the real situation and not make unattainable promises or create false expectations. 4. A lot of secrecy about their actions If you have doubts, ask.

Your Seo Company China Phone Number Responsible

for explaining the strategies and techniques they will use for your site. What’s more, they should do it from the beginning. If they are very secretive and don’t want to provide details about their previous achievements, their SEO tactics, or the types of links they are building, you shouldn’t hire them. As we have seen before , digital marketing agencies must provide weekly and monthly reports on what they have done for your site and explain the plan they are going to follow at all times .

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