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detailed progress reports probably have something to hide. 5. Suspicious links Another “technique” to be wary of is suspicious link building , that is, mass buying of links, followers, or email lists. Although in the short term they may seem like a solution, in the long run they can damage your website and your reputation, and even penalize you if search engines like Google find suspicious activities. [When I say penalize I mean zero your organic traffic]

It is not uncommon for the competition to use this technique to damage your image, but if you work with good professionals they will know how to help you even in the worst case scenario. 6. Exorbitant Germany phone number And what about agencies with exorbitant prices but no proven track record? It is a fact that some SEO options are going to be more expensive than others, but these solutions should be justified. If you consider these agencies, ask for client references and look for evidence of their success .

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based on your goals and have them articulate why their services are more beneficial than other SEO options on the market. 7. Low prices You should also not trust the cheap options. Although it is true that there is a small group of promising SEOs who are looking to create a reputation by offering their services at a lower price, many times these prices are just an indicator that they lack experience or a good track record. We have already said it before: Cheap is always expensive.

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It seems easy to trust someone who doesn’t stop spouting technicalities and seems like a professional, however, you have to be careful not to get caught. When selecting an SEO company you must be up to date on what works and what does not , to avoid being taken for a ride. It has become clear that searching for a good SEO company is not an easy job , but once you find one the results can be wonderful. By following these guidelines, you know that they are not going to sneak up on you, so go ahead and look for a digital marketing agency that is an SEO specialist, or change companies if the one you work with now does not convince you. It’s never too late.

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and it does not appear in Google? Have you created a new page and you can’t find it in the search engine? Calm! This sometimes happens and has a solution. When this happens to us, it is because the web page has correctly and therefore the search engine does not recognize it and cannot position it either. Contact us! From Bloo Media , an SEO and digital marketing agency , throughout this article we want to talk to you about it, about how to index web pages in Google so that you can soon implement SEO positioning strategies that can bring you great benefits.

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