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To increase all its metrics, but do you know how it works? Lets start by the beginning. It is an application that allows you to create music videos with editing using filters or effects. Therefore, creativity and imagination are important factors and companies will have to let go. Like other social networks, it works through Scroll and you can like the content that arouses the most interest. Other features include sending messages, having followers and followers, and a list of friends. One part that stands out is its audience, and that is that almost 50% of its users are between 16 and 24 years old, so if we want to target this young target, we could use TikTok Ads .

Let’s see some example, The textile brand Pull&Bear , which has a young audience, advertises on TikTok and it does not do a bad job. He launched a “Hashtag Challenge” with influencers where Chile phone number wore one of his garments. Therefore, not to mention the brand gets to do its own advertising . The Burn brand , of energy drinks, is also on TikTok and managed to do a good campaign on this platform with the influencer HeyLuzu, raffling off a float for the summer. In short, if you have a minimum investment of €20 per day, you can create a TikTok Ads account and get started. Let’s see how: 1. In the dashboard, create a campaign choosing the objective : traffic, conversion or installations of the App.

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the location, URLs, categories… 3. Personalize your audience : location, gender, age, language, devices… 4. Choose the budget you want to spend with the ad group, its duration and also the objective to define the metrics (views, likes, comments, clicks, impressions…). 5. Design your ad and optimize it . Pinterest, from boards to ads Pinterest is a social network more different from what we are used to using frequently. Perhaps it is not an application that you consult every day but when you need inspiration and ideas. Its operation is based on creating boards with pins, private or not, and you will also have suggestions related to what interests you.

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The content on this social network is, above all, about decoration, fashion, cooking, art, cartoons… For example, the coffee chain, Starbucks , has its profile on Pinterest and we can see its own boards and pins as we see below : Do you know everything about TikTok and Pinterest ads? Source: Pinterest Its audience is characterized by being a female and adult profile, older than 35 years, although it is true that it also has an important part in the younger audience. This social network grows little by little and its audience is not as large as others, but the good thing about Pinterest Ads is that, unlike TikTok , it requires very little investment and a CPC of 5 cents is enough. Well, the first thing to do is sign up for

Pinterest Ads And Create An Ad In The Top Menu Chile Phone Number Now

let’s go step by step: 1. Set a campaign goal – increase brand awareness, drive traffic, or drive conversions. 2. For each ad group level we will segment audiences based on their interests, gender, age, location, language, devices… We must also define delivery events and budgets. 3. Regarding the ad , you have to choose which creativity to promote: pins or collections. A good example on Pinterest is the profile of the well-known cosmetics chain Sephora , which, as we can see in the following image, advertises on this platform.

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