That Encourages Society to React

The Commission for the Investigation of Mistreatment Iran WhatsApp Number List of Women (Ministry of Equality) in collaboration with the advertising agency CLV , launches the campaign ‘Accomplices of mistreatment ‘. With it, it aims to raise awareness in society about the need to act against gender violence. The campaign focuses on the impassivity of society in the face of gender-based violence and calls on the environment of women in situations of abuse, to act positively helping the victims. This action has been developed through an experiment of the ClubHouse social Iran WhatsApp Number List network, an audio social network where registered users can create audio rooms in which to talk about any topic.

Silence of the Close Circles

The app allows connected users to interact, raise Iran WhatsApp Number List their hands to react, or quietly leave the room. Thus, the agency considers that this social network is “ideal” for this campaign, which poses a hypothetical situation : if users witnessed a situation of abuse during the course of a conversation, how would they react? 77% of connected users quietly left the room during the fight simulation. 10% remained Iran WhatsApp Number List listening and only 8% reacted to intervene.

Unfortunately, this inaction on the part of the Iran WhatsApp Number List environment in the face of gender violence is a reality that is part of the daily life of women in situations of abuse . “We want to put an end to this reality and offer society keys and guidelines on how to act when witnessing a case of gender violence,” they point out from the agency. To do this and as part of this campaign, CLV has created a room in the Clubhouse on January 28 at 12:00 withIran WhatsApp Number List  one of our psychologists specializing in gender violence, Irina Núñez de Arenas, who will offer tips addressed both to the environment like the victims.

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