Telepizza Will Be the New Sponsor

Telepizza has started 2022 in style, with the announcement Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List. It will be the new sponsor of Ibai Llanos and its eSports team, KOI Finetwork . The purpose of this movement is to gain a foothold in the world of digital content and entertainment. In addition, Telepizza is preparing for the relaunch of the brand that will be released in March and with which they hope to “approach the youngest through new products, presence on new digital platforms and the transformation of our most iconic assets.” This is how Ibai himself presented it live on Twitch , minutes before the start of the match between KOI and Barça Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List eSports, within the framework of the League of Legends Super League in which both teams debuted.

Ibai Llanos and the Koi Esports Team

Throughout the year, the brand will produce content Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List together with Ibai and all the team’s streamers for the platform. In addition, it will be the official supplier of pizzas for the entire group. Presence in the KOI players’ kit and in the new Gaming House. Telepizza has also change its logo on Twitter. In which it has replaced the silhouette of the person with the pizza with that of Llanos. Ibai’s new project is in line with the personality and tone of the Telepizza that we are building . His connection with young audiences. The great work he does in creating differential content and the values ​​he transmits to the new generations Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List are pillars that will help us reconnect with the youngest”. Says Jesús Cubero , Global CMO of Food Delivery Brands , restaurant group to which Telepizza belongs.

The sponsorship of Domino’s Pizza

“This collaboration will allow us to build a new Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List. Territory for the brand with high-value digital and entertainment content for our customers. We start the year with Ibai Llanos and KOI. But many more surprises will come that we prepare for the coming months. This year Telepizza will give a lot to talk about.he concludes. Telepizza thus joins the other KOI sponsors: Finetwork, Disney+, Cupra, Kelme, Samsung and Infojobs. Telepizza’s move means, at the same time, the end of Domino’s Pizza’s sponsorship of Ibai Llanos. The brand and the streamer have worked together on the 2020 and 2021 Chimes on Twitch and on different actions, such as Domino’s Original or “The toughest”. « They have been exciting years with Ibai Llanos. First from the hand of LVP, then telling his story through Domino’s Originals and, finally, accompanying him in his new life as a content creator with great moments such as creating La Más Dura pizza and Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List

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