Telemarketing in a Tough Economy

Niels Botterblom shares 4 practical tips: First, set a Falkland Islands B2B Contact List SMART goal for your holiday campaign so that you can measure success afterwards, as well as find out whether a new or existing campaign is the best choice to get the results you want. Optimize your always on campaign . The advantage of using an existing campaign is that you have already achieved Falkland Islands B2B Contact List a good match with your target group, bidding strategy and performance. Moreover, you have little time for the learning curve that a new campaign.

You Don’t Need to Spend More Money

Would have to go through first. His tip: “Only adjust Falkland Islands B2B Contact List the message of your ads and the landing pages you use. Your keywords and target groups must remain as they are in order to achieve as much return as possible.” Create remarketing audiences in advance . This collects visitors who have viewed a product or service, but have not yet converted. With Falkland Islands B2B Contact List your promotion you can just give them the last push to make a purchase. Think about measurability to understand the performance of your campaigns during the holiday season.

To Increase Sales From The Existing Database

Think of unique discount codes and UTM tags. These tips Falkland Islands B2B Contact List actually apply to all campaigns around the holidays. Niels Botterblom gives a detailed explanation of his tips to tap into the holidays with your existing campaigns . Finally: inspiration for last minute marketing strategies Could you use some inspiration for your Black Friday campaigns? Then take Falkland Islands B2B Contact List another look at the last minute marketing strategies for Black-Friday success that Demi Kloosterman and Brent Maclaine Pont shared in 2020.


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