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Questions from starting writers, but also from seasoned Catalan Email List text professionals. Last year, two members suggested that we do some research into those rates. We immediately decided to repeat this survey every year. This allows us to keep a finger Catalan Email List on the pulse with this Tekstnet Tariff Monitor and to monitor developments. This is useful for copywriters and clients. The results of 2020 have already provided six insights.

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Write, but spread The results of the first Catalan Email List Tariff Monitor prove that whoever writes stays. Even if the corona crisis hits many sectors hard. On average, copywriters recorded revenue growth of somewhere between 0 and 10% in 2020. Almost 65% saw that the turnover grew or remained the same. Those who did feel the blows of corona Catalan Email List often had a narrow or specific customer portfolio. If you mainly write for the catering industry, the floriculture sector or the travel industry,

Out for a Strategy

It suddenly became quite quiet. Specializing Catalan Email List is always smart, but make sure you combine large and small customers from different industries. Whoever lays his eggs among different hens will always get chicks. 2. Know your worth The rates of professional, independent copywriters vary considerably. Roughly between 40 and 95 euros. Not Catalan Email List surprising, because you have starting writers who have something to prove and experienced copywriters, who are often full or partial communication consultants.

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