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Tone of voice is how the character – or values ​​– of your Uganda Email Lists organization is expressed in words, both written and spoken. It ‘s not about what you say , but the way you say it . And what impression that makes on everyone who reads or hears it. Implementing and maintaining the tone of voice This article is about Uganda Email Lists implementing and maintaining that tone of voice. Because you often work with different copywiters, editors, marketers and interns on the texts for your organization.

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And they still too often let their own style and Uganda Email Lists voice resound in their writings. You, your colleagues, the team, the company have not yet (sufficiently) mastered the role. It is a bit like Jan Smit in the film Het Bombardement: you know that he plays a Rotterdam boxing talent and you occasionally believe that, but Uganda Email Lists for the most part of the film you are just watching a Volendam folk singer who pretends to be an actor is who plays a Rotterdam boxer. Does not work. What are you doing then?

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Exactly, method acting. Or Uganda Email Lists actually: method writing . When you write for your brand, you become your brand. Follow my steps, surrender to it. It’s not scary. Understand your characteristics and how to write like this When Brad Pitt reads in the script of his new film that his character Uganda Email Lists is paranoid, energetic and slightly neurotic, he thinks about how he will play that. How he talks, moves, looks, reacts. It is, of course, in the details. Brad’s wild look in 12 Monkeys. It’s the little things that matter.

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