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The promise comes to life through a friendly and close India WhatsApp Number List visual universe that opens windows to a new way of life. The visual identity has been made with a palette of warm colors, a typography with personality and everyday images with which we can all feel identified. The creativities close with the message of “welcome” as a seal of those moments of home, intimate and happy. “Today we are proud to be able to present VIVIA, our brand that sums up what we are: a company that wants to lead a new way of life based on quality and closeness to the India WhatsApp Number List customer “, said Jorge Pereda, director of residential for rent at Grupo Lar at the brand presentation event.

Lidl Consolidates Its Growth in Spain

Lidl has presented this Tuesday the national and India WhatsApp Number List regional results of the ‘Corporate Impact Report 2020 of Lidl in Spain’, carried out by the consulting firm PwC . In an online event moderated by the journalist Cristina Villanueva, the Corporate General Manager of Lidl Spain, Ferran Figueras, and the partner in charge of Economics in Strategy at PwC, Jordi Esteve, have announced the key points of this report, which highlights value the impact generated by the company in Spain in economic, socio-labour and fiscal terms. In India WhatsApp Number List this sense, Jordi Esteve , from PwC, has pointed out that Lidl has contributed in a very important way to the public coffers in 2020: it has allocated a total of 413 million euros in 2020 .

Announces the Opening of at Least

This represents 4% more compared to 2019. In India WhatsApp Number List addition, Lidl contributed 6,500 million euros to the Spanish GDP (directly, indirectly and induced) and for every €1 of profit it obtained in the country, it generated another additional €18.60 to the national economy. “Lidl’s tax contribution in Spain is approximately equivalent to paying 1.13 million euros a day . Or what is the same, for every €100 of sales, it allocates €9 to India WhatsApp Number List pay taxes, which is 50% more than other large operators in the distribution sector”, Esteve explained.

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