Success With Email Marketing

SEE This means that you first want to reach people who may Myanmar Business Email List be interest in your product or service. This is what you call the SEE campaign. You can think of targeting interest groups, in-market segments and look-a-like audiences. It is important here that you exclude previously converted website visitors. In this SEE campaign you emphasize getting Myanmar Business Email List acquainted with your product or service and especially show your brand. So emphasize your USPs! For example, Faqta does this like this:

 Focus Marketing & Sales Efforts

Test the success of this phase against Myanmar Business Email List the goal: to reach people with your offer. Think of KPIs based on the reach: Views Unique reach (people) Impression Rate Video viewing behavior (for example for 50% or Thruplays: played completely or at least 15 seconds) You can take this a step further by also looking at interest factors. Such as Myanmar Business Email List clicking through to the website or interacting with your video. This will help you determine whether your video is well received, but don’t get too hung up on it at.

 Easy Steps to B2B Lead Generation

THINK By showing a video to your Myanmar Business Email List composite SEE audience, you can create an audience based on the viewing behavior of that specific video. For example, you can set that someone must first have seen a video for 50% (or more) and then fall into the target group. Create a custom audience for this. Choose Custom Audience In this way you create a Myanmar Business Email List THINK target group. This target group is very interesting, as someone shows serious interest in your video ad from the SEE step.


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