Striking Gold Without Searching

At a major Japanese writing competition in 2016, second place went to a robo-author’s pen fruit . The title of the book was ‘The day a computer writes a novel’. By 2020, Microsoft would have fired 77 journalists to replace them with artificial intelligence. Exit editors, enter robots. The New York Times has been running a popular quiz live for a while in which you can guess whether or not a text was written by human hand. And yes, that choice is harder than you think! man retired, robot takes over job.

Don’t count yourself rich Does that mean that the editor’s profession is doomed? Does ‘Judgement Day’ make each and every one of us redundant? Not quite, but don’t count yourself rich. What didn’t really seem like a serious threat in 2014 (see Karlstad), will apparently already cost the first writers their jobs in 2020 (see Microsoft). Personally, I would already leave a financial report to a robot, but a creative text that should touch people? Rough and unpolished A practical example: to write an appealing speech for a director, I need a lot of information.

It has to come from different corners of the company. That data is usually raw and unpolished. As a content creator/speech writer my tasks are: collecting, rewriting, prioritizing, summarizing, structuring, focusing on the target group and making it suitable for the speaker. Gathering and shaping My guess is that a smart computer can definitely help me with such tasks. Especially when gathering information. Now I regularly have to ask 3 or 4 colleagues for input.


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