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One of the best ways to gain a good position in the market is to implement a differentiation strategy that allows you to add value to your offer and stand out from your competitors. If you want to achieve this type of advantage, we invite you to read this article in which we will deal with what the differentiation strategy is, highlighting its importance with examples and practical advice to implement it. Opportunities don’t come, they are created. Do not wait more. START FOR FREE Differentiation strategy: definition and importance Differentiation as a competitive strategy To understand what a differentiation strategy is, we would like to refer briefly to Michael Porter ‘s theory of competitive advantage .

According to this renowned Harvard professor, there are three types of generic strategies that companies. Can use to be more competitive in the market. These strategies are the following: Cost Leadership Strategy. Differentiation strategy approach strategy In order for you to better understand what each of these strategies consists of, in the Austria whatsapp number list following image. We offer a small explanation with some examples: marketing differentiation Bearing in mind that differentiation. One of the alternatives used by companies to compete in the market, it is time to thoroughly explore. What a differentiation strategy is. What is differentiation strategy A differentiation strategy. A business approach that seeks to add value to the products and services offered in order to achieve. A competitive advantage in the market.

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With this approach, companies seek to outperform their competitors and consolidate their processes to attract and retain customers. what is differentiation strategy Considering the definition that we have just given, it is important to make a couple of clarifications regarding the idea of ​​adding value . First of all, most differentiation strategies tend to focus on product differentiation. Such differentiation can be implemented from various angles. Here are some examples: Products with a unique flavor (Doritos, Red Bull) Feature-rich products (Microsoft Office, iPhone) Products with unique design engineering (BMW, Mercedes Benz) Products with high social responsibility (Lush, Ben & Jerry’s) In addition to the above, it is important to say that there are many ways to add value that are not necessarily directly related to the products offered.

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Therefore, example, your added value may be the customer service you provide or the flexibility of your refund policy. In this sense, the differentiation strategy goes far beyond offering a product with unique characteristics. Strategic differentiation is not just about a brand or your product offering or what you have written in your company’s mission, vision and values. Therefore, strategic differentiation lives in what you do for your customers every day to serve them better than your competitors can. Benefits of differentiation strategies As we said before, differentiation strategies give companies a competitive advantage in the market. Here are four of the biggest benefits that can be obtained with this type of advantage.

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Therefore, benefits offered by differentiation strategies are enormous. Now that we know what a differentiation strategy is and what benefits it provides. It’s time to look at some examples of differentiation strategies. 3 examples of differentiation strategy. In this section we have selected three examples of differentiation strategy relate. To world-famous companies that have been able to make the most of this business approach. Let’s see the details. Therefore, apple differentiation strategy examples As the highest valued brand in the world. Apple represents an example of a differentiation strategy that cannot be overlooke especially. When it comes to product differentiation.

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