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This type of post, your potential customers will be able to tap on the item they are interested in and Instagram will redirect them to a URL where they can make the purchase. It’s great, don’t you think? With purchase posts, the sales opportunities in your Instagram marketing strategy multiply . Product posts on Instagram Instagram Stories (Stories) Since its appearance, Instagram stories have carved out an important niche within the different types of posts on the platform, gaining ground over image posts. Today 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories daily and β…“ of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. Without a doubt, stories are great for starting conversations that allow you to learn more about your audience , humanize your brand and get real-time feedback directly from your target audience.

One of their great advantages is that they require minimal post-production. In addition, you can make them more interactive by including Luxembourg whatsapp number list stickers (polls, emojis, questions, direct messages, countdown…), tagging products or including links (if you have more than 10,000 followers in your company account), among other resources. Please note that they only remain on view for 24 hours. Marketing Strategies for Instagram Instagram Live Direct celebrities are another option to enrich your Instagram marketing. That’s exactly what it’s all about: posting raw, live videos that your followers can watch and interact with live .

They Help You Show the Human

Side of your business , as well as build a stronger and more engaged connection with your audience . In the same way, they help you increase your visibility on the platform. Since your followers receive a notification from the application every time you broadcast a live video. Marketing content on Instagram Guides Instagram guides (Instagram Guides) are a type of publication that is halfway between carousels and classic blog posts. They allow you to collect and aggregate. Your own Instagram content, as well as that of other Instagram users with a public account . Through the guides you can create a list of recommendations, publications or products organized by theme.

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Each guide includes a cover image, title, introduction, and optional descriptions for entries. It means giving one more point of value to your community. Guides on Instagram reels One of the latest additions to the catalog of marketing resources on Instagram are reels . This is a new way to record 15 to 30 second clips (with sound or music) that are shared in stories, in the feed and in a specific tab for this format within the profile. Some have compared this format to the famous TikTok videos and their impressive stats . It is a casual, fun, creative and inspiring format that is working great for brands, especially since the organic reach of this type of publication is very powerful.

Reel Format for Marketing

on Instagram How to get more followers and improve your marketing strategy for Instagram As they point out from the Hootsuite tool : β€œit is no secret that most social networks operate under a payment model with brands”. This dynamic has caused the organic reach of posts on the Instagram platform to decline in recent years. And what does this imply? Well, it’s getting more and more difficult for publications to be visible and get comments, likes… in short, that they reach the target audience that companies are targeting. What can businesses do about it? How to stay on top and counter organic reach decline? The starting point is to create valuable content always focused on the customer profile you are targeting .

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