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I wish you a nice story! How do you build a strong Algeria Business Email List brand story? Don’t tell what you make, but what you make possible. It is important that you give your organization a recognizable face. But how do you translate your brand DNA into impactful stories? Through a handy training you easily learn the basics for effective, brand-driven content marketing and Algeria Business Email List storytelling. Find out if it’s for you! 0 comments – Be the first to comment! Others also read Why every organization should have a corporate story

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Google comes with Web Stories: make Algeria Business Email List visual stories SEO-proof Inspirational! 11 websites that focus on storytelling About the author Ralph Poldervaart from StoryDiggers Ralph is co-founder of StoryDiggers and founder of Persona Company. He likes to set things in motion at organizations with the power of stories. To make the connection from the Algeria Business Email List inside to the outside, but certainly also to make the outside world tangible inside. Ralph is much in demand as a trainer, teacher and speaker, among others in collaboration with Beeckestijn Business School and NIMA.

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Do you use online video campaigns and do Algeria Business Email List you want to get more out of them? Or would you like to start and need some inspiration? In this article I will take you step by step into the wonderful world of the video campaign. I also share some inspiring examples below. Create funnels for your video campaign As a first tip, it is advisable to work from funnels Algeria Business Email List (also called phases). As an example, I will take you through setting up Facebook and Google Ads video campaigns, where you want to attract new users to your website and you expect a certain action from them.


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