Some Fundamental Rules

If you cheerfully participate in that with your story. American Samoa Business Email List you can be sure that they won’t catch a ball in that split second.  Refine into catchy scripts Another good practical example of filtering and distributing is the youth campaign. We developed for the Dutch Payments Association. The message: bank safely, according to the uniform security American Samoa Business Email List rules, and avoid falling victim to various types of fraud. In order not to repel young people by pointing a pedantic finger at them, all

Guidelines For A New Sending Paradigm

Storytelling sails had to be set aside. After reducing American Samoa Business Email List the message, another important step followed: pouring the story into snappy, catchy scripts. In this case for some funny skits. We wrote the storyline. ‘Going a good giro’ became the younger version of safe banking. In order to appeal to the target group. We entered into a partnership with American Samoa Business Email List Jandino Asporaat. Someone who, in combination with the right visual setting. Is ideally suit to jump out of the stories and timelines of the young people.

Using Telemarketing Services

In combination with a catchy campaign American Samoa Business Email List track by DJ DYLVN (also known among the target group), the audiovisual artillery was ready. The message, five ‘complicat’ lines that required the necessary context. Was translat into five short, powerful video scripts, which remained clearly linked. Each script told a funny, engaging mini-story about American Samoa Business Email List how and why young people should bank more securely. In the end, each story with a minimal amount of text was cast in a social video of 15-20 seconds.

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