Solán De Cabras Launches

All good things start with a slight crunch. Or, at least, Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List that’s what the Solán de Cabras water brand believes , which now presents its sparkling variety with the spot ‘Unexpectedly crispy’ . The campaign, which will be broadcast on television and will also have a digital and outdoor presence, is aimed at all those people who are looking Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List for a healthy alternative to enjoy their leisure time, such as after-work or an impromptu dinner.

Unexpectedly Crispy

The natural mineral water that comes from the only Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List spring in Solán de Cabras, now sparkling, is a water with fine and bright bubbles that is “light, appetizing and subtle”, as the company says. “A crunchy bubble full of freshness and elegance ”, as described by María José Huertas, National Gastronomy Award and Sommelier of NH – Terraza del Casino de Madrid. If you don’t see the embedded video correctly, click here . In Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List the ‘Unexpectedly Crunchy’ campaign, different situations appear in which people are encourage

Present Its New Sparkling Water

Referring to the bubbly sensation with which the Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List creative idea plays, the spot ends: “ Listen to your interior. The slightest creak can change everything.” “Sparkling water is already a trend in Spain and we are constantly looking for new healthy habits, also during our leisure time with family and friends,” says Emmanuel Pouey, General Director of Marketing at Mahou San Miguel , a company to whom belongs to the watermark. “Solán de Cabras with gas is light and refreshing, with an unexpectedly crunchy bubble that Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List makes it unique and ideal for those who are looking for a natural alternative , and do not want to miss out on any plan”, adds Pouey.

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