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Networks are used by millions of people daily. They are a good platform to make yourself known, to share what you do, your products, quality content, etc. For this channel of communication with your audience to be effective, it is necessary to carry out a good social media plan and study which ones are the best for your sector : LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 5. Speed ​​and user experience Google knows that users don’t like to wait and that’s why it places so much importance on web page loading speed and user experience (closely related to speed).

These aspects of a website become relevant precisely this year, when they are positioned as one of the main SEO trends of 2020 . speed-user-experience-seo How do you get a faster page? Eliminated Poland phone number resources, compressing web images and optimizing code, among many other things. 6. Quality content Creating quality content is key to SEO. Audience-focused content that not only contains keywords relevant to the business,

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and takes semantics into account. This type of content, as long as it is professional, original and attractive, will be able to attract the attention of your audience and attract potential customers . 7. Publish the opinions of your customers Showing customer opinions or reviews on your website is important because these opinions provide security in all services offered on the internet. These opinions are capable of increasing visits and the retention rate, considerably favoring the positioning of the web. SMEs-reviews-opinions-customers 8.

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Link building strategies Do not neglect link building strategies. They greatly affect the positioning of your website! Linkbuilding or link building strategies are those that seek other authoritative websites to link to your website. These links in different ways from guestposting as a guest author. Reviews, forums or even in the comments section of another website, although you have to be careful with this last strategy

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links are classified as ‘ don’t follow’. At Bloo Media we have a team of SEO specialists who favor the growth of SMEs from many different sectors. Whether you want to increase the sales of your real estate agency. Therefore, Or if you want to attract more clients to your dental clinic , SEO positioning can help you. Therefore, If you want to obtain information about the details of SEO strategies, prices, etc., contact us!

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