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Although it is an accessible, profitable and easy-to-implement business activity, therefore with many advantages, it can also have some drawbacks that you should be aware of. We think it’s important that in an article explaining what dropshipping is we also discuss what the pros and cons of dropshipping are . Let’s go to the mess! The main advantages of dropshipping: You do not need to invest a lot of money : the initial investment in many online stores is one of the great barriers that put many entrepreneurs back. If you have little money to start, you will love dropshipping.

A business with fewer fixed costs : as there is no need to buy stock, the store will not have many fixed costs, except those of the web, hosting , Internet Tunisia whatsapp number list connection… And variable costs are linked to sales. This means that variable expenses only increase when sales do. It has great growth potential – Another reason why many dropshippers get into this is because with effort and professionalism the business can easily scale and become a big business.

You Do Not Have to Prepare the Orders

One of the most tedious tasks and ones that add less value are those related to order management, packaging, sending to the courier company, etc. Avoid all this with dropshipping because your provider takes care of it. You just have to charge your client, pay the supplier and give the order of dispatch. You will hardly have personnel expenses : almost all dropshipping stores only have the entrepreneurs themselves as workers. Management is less complex; and since it is not necessary to have a warehouse, it is not necessary to have employees who are in charge of management.

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Dropshipping in spanish The disadvantages of dropshipping. You depend too much on suppliers : if you choose to work with a supplier that is not serious or does not fulfill its commitments. You may run into problems. Keep in mind that as a dropshipper. You will be ultimately responsible for the transaction. This means that if a customer buys a product from you and it arrives late or is defective. You will be responsible for the changes or returns. On certain occasions, dropshippers have to keep a defective product paid out of their own pocket. (Because the wholesaler sometimes ignores the matter and it is up to them to return the money to the end customer).

There Is More and More Competition

It is a business that has attracted many quick and easy money seekers, so the competition is fierce. And these wars between competitors usually end with price drops in order to generate orders. In addition, in many cases, your own supplier also sells directly at retail, which may end up competing with you. You have to do a lot of positioning work. If you do not control search engine positioning well, do not use SEO tools. Or do not have money to carry out online advertising campaigns. It is better not to get involved, since sales at least at firs. They can only get there by doing the SEO and SEM right.

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