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Roll out of my mouth effortlessly. That’s because they crept BHUTAN BUSINESS EMAIL LIST into Dutch. Before I was born to fill a linguistic gap and I grew up with it. Perhaps, as an interim conclusion. It is safe to say that there is not so much. Moral objection to the use of English words as it is a matter of habituation. Maybe I won’t think awkward at all in fifteen years? Not a moral objection, but a BHUTAN BUSINESS EMAIL LIST practical objection Well, if there is nothing morally to be said against using English words in Dutch, then surely there must be practical.

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Objections? Conjugating an originally English verb BHUTAN BUSINESS EMAIL LIST is difficult to name. There are a lot of English loan verbs that are officially recogniz as Dutch words. But they still feel a bit weird. This blog article lists a few interesting examples: Timing. I time – he times – he timed – timed Backloading. I backload – he backloads – he backloaded – backload BHUTAN BUSINESS EMAIL LIST Breakdancing.  I breakdance he breakdance – he breakdancete – breakdance Mute.  I mute – he mutes  muted Socializing.

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I socialize – he socializes – he socialized  socialize.  The above BHUTAN BUSINESS EMAIL LIST verbs may be officially Dutc. But I’m sure everyone can see that there is something force about it. Even people who are not language snoops have to admit this. These verbs represent one of the reasons why I’m hesitant to blindly accept English verbs into Dutch. You sometimes get BHUTAN BUSINESS EMAIL LIST conjugations that give you a headache. Foreign words are simply not make to be conjugate in Dutch. So you have to wriggle in strange turns to make it possible.

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