Silent Content

What techniques, ideas and insights are already Nursing Homes Email List available. But may only become the standard in a few years’ time? I share 7 developments and tips. We believe that 16:9 will remain the standard width. Height ratio for online video for the time being. Whether that is for HD, Full HD and later even 8K. However, this ratio completely ignores the fact that many people consume their video content in portrait format (namely ‘mobile’). According Nursing Homes Email List to RTL Nieuws, TikTok now has more than a billion users , and that social media platform is fully equipped for a 9:16 ratio; the world upside down.

The Bar Is Higher

I am not predicting here that cinemas will move Nursing Homes Email List from horizontal to vertical content. But organizations do have to move with how their recipients want to view the message. If they see in their analytics that 80 percent of their customers watch videos on mobile (not a crazy percentage), why not consider shooting their videos in 9:16? And are they already thinking about what that new relationship does to the structure of their content? Tip : The Nursing Homes Email List 9:16 ratio is ideal for shots in which your main character can be seen completely (or largely), but less good for images from an ‘all-seeing’ perspective.

We Learn in Video Format

If you want to show a large setting, then you probably Nursing Homes Email List cannot escape 16:9. If you want to focus on one person or item, 9:16 is extremely suitable. Corona has made it clear over the past year and a half that many business events can also take place remotely. In the future, we will retain the convenience of webcasts and webinars, which make attending keynote speeches easier than ever, but we will combine the webinars with the physical Nursing Homes Email List event of the past. Organizers of such hybrid events have to offer ‘physical’ visitors a unique experience, but keep their live registration of it interesting for the viewers at home.


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