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Calling is of course the hardest. Only if you opt for video calling Malta Business Mailing List you can continue to perceive most non-verbal signals. Think of signals such as posture, gestures, eye contact and facial expression. Are you calling without a picture? Then you miss out on non-verbal signals and that makes communication more difficult. It also doesn’t make understanding misleading words Malta Business Mailing List any easier. 4. In Germany the influence of English is less strong than with us Dutch people are generally good at English. Want to watch movies and series in English?

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For us this is the most normal thing Malta Business Mailing List in the world. In Germany, the film world is mainly focused on German. Films are actually always recorded in German. Dubbing is an important phenomenon in Germany. Whether you can manage well with your eastern neighbors with English? My answer to this question is ‘jein’*! On Statista we see the Malta Business Mailing List results of a representative survey and a statistical analysis from 2021 . Based on this survey and analysis, it was possible to determine how residents in Germany estimate their own English language knowledge.

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The research results show that almost half (!) of the Malta Business Mailing List inhabitants in Germany indicate that he/she has little or no knowledge of English. As a Dutchman, that scares you for a while. English in Germany? So you don’t always get that far. It is Malta Business Mailing List important to speak and understand German. And of course you don’t want to miss the point of the story when bingewatching. Also useful to know: ‘Krieg der Sterne’ is simply Star Wars.


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