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In addition, images can help to make complex subjects Ghana Business Email List more understandable. Which is not a bad idea with a more complex white paper. Read your whitepaper carefully before publishing it. Perhaps you can replace an entire page of text with one clear visual. Extra tip : Without mentioning your brand name, you can slowly familiarize the reader with your brand Ghana Business Email List through visual elements. So use different elements from your house style. Example: visual from Drift ‘s GTM Playbook .

Surrogate Numbers have Staying Power?

Drift Source: Drift Ghana Business Email List Mistake 3: This white paper should have been a blog or infographic Sometimes a white paper, e-book, or mini-guide is not the right way to reach your target audience . Before you start writing, think carefully about who Ghana Business Email List you are writing for and where your reader is in the buyer journey. Each phase in the buyer journey is associated with different content needs . Suppose your reader is in the awareness phase, then a white paper is not the right content form.

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A blog is then a manageable alternative that Ghana Business Email List better matches the phase in the buyer journey. Suppose you want to reach your target group with content related to the topic of reboarding, then it is wise to first write a blog about reboarding employees . You can then interest the reader in the blog to download a reboarding infographic or template. Once they Ghana Business Email List show sufficient interest in the topic and are willing to delve further into it, you can think of offering in-depth content in the form of a whitepaper or webinar about reboarding.

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