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To find as many pages of your website as possible? Do you also want them to do it quickly? Normally, when we add new pages to our website or update them, we want search engines to detect them quickly, in order to get the most benefit from them as soon as possible. This is where the Crawl Budget comes into play , a concept closely related to SEO . >> Would you like to learn how to create a complete SEO Audit? Download our Guide to do an SEO Audit totally free<< Throughout this article, from our marketing agency Bloo Media , we tell you everything about this concept:

What is the crawl budget? How to optimize the crawl budget? When to improve the crawl budget? Read on and discover the Iceland phone number to these questions! What is the crawl budget The crawl budget is the time it takes for the crawlers to crawl each website. In other words, this concept refers to the crawl budget, a budget based on the authority, accessibility, quality and speed of websites. Based on all this, Google assigns a time for the bots to crawl the different pages. How can we make tracking easier for Google?

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Not infinite and in many cases it is necessary that we help you a little, with the aim that it takes less time to find what is important on our website. Bots divide their attention among millions of websites and need a way to prioritize their crawl. optimize-crawl-budgetSource: searchengineland How do we help bots prioritize their tracking? Considering the following: Carrying out a good architecture of the web page . Making a good structure of internal links since pages with

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few internal links receive much less attention from search engines than pages that are linked to many pages. Increasing the authority of the website , for example: through off-page SEO, specifically through link building. Quality links to our URLs increase the authority of the website, make it position itself better and make Google provide it with more relevance. Updating website content. If we are updating and adding new content to our website, the search engine will go through it to see the changes and news. However, if our website is static and the content is always the same,

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It assumes that it will not find anything new. Indicating which URLs are not important and which ones do not need to be crawled by the search engine spider. This is indicated in the robots.txt file ! How to measure the Crawl Budget? Measuring the Crawl Budget is easy! If your website is verified in Search Console, measuring the crawl budget is an easy task. All you have to do is log in to Search Console and select the website. Once you have selected the website click on ‘tracking’ and ‘tracking statistics’.

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