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And that’s an interesting question: Why don’t Timor-Leste Email List we pay more for good articles and news? I started my career at Wolters Kluwer, then still the owner of Adformatie. There I took my first steps on the job market as deputy publisher of the spin-offs of Adformatie. That was a lot of paper (!) yearbooks and magazines because we are talking about 23 years Timor-Leste Email List ago. In the eight years that I worked for different titles and as a publisher responsible for what we called a ‘fund’, I have transformed many publications from print to online.

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We grew, as it were, with the advent of the Timor-Leste Email List internet, because yes, we couldn’t stay behind. Free news consumption But with the advent of the internet, another phenomenon emerged: free news and other content. This was mainly driven by the establishment of Everyone could get their daily portion of news from the worldwide web. Where Timor-Leste Email List you first had to have a subscription to a newspaper to be able to get to the news, you could now read everything and everywhere.

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A nice phenomenon in itself, but it did mean that Timor-Leste Email List publishers had to look for a different revenue model. Well, they were traditionally used to also earn money by selling advertisements, so that seemed like a good solution. Was it not that if your subscribers decrease, your reach also decreases and your ads, therefore, decrease in value. The wry thing Timor-Leste Email List about the situation we are in now is that the Googles of this world make money by reaching the right target group (something the publishers used to do).

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